Social Skills Group 2014

26th Apr 2014

Research notes that social impairment is a key diagnostic indicator of autism spectrum disorders. Treatment programs which target peer interactions are necessary to develop the skills for maintaining conversation, taking perspectives, playing appropriately, controlling emotional expression, negotiating conflict, and experiencing. Without these experiences in childhood, establishing a positive I don’t experience it’s difficult.

To address this need TACA Hawaii in conjunction with the Creative Connections Foundation is pleased to offer an eight week semistructured social group for adolescents with high functioning autism spectrum disorders. Children will receive a 120 minute biweekly therapeutic group targeting specific and developmentally appropriate social skills. They will also have an opportunity to generalize their skills in natural community settings.

Who: Children ages 12-19 with High Functioning Autism/Aspergers
When: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Mondays & Wednesdays June 2 – July 23 plus two Friday or Saturday outings
Where: Assets School Campus, 1 Ohana Nui Way, Honolulu, HI 96818
Cost: FREE due to the gracious funding of TACA Hawaii
Deadline: May 19th, 2014

Social skills addressed will include but are not limited to:

  • Turn Taking/Sharing/Cooperation/Perspective Taking/Empathy
  • Social Thinking – The thoughts, emotions, and expected behaviors inherent to the socializing
  • Interpersonal Skills – Ability to relate, communicate, and share in a peer-to-peer interaction
  • Emotional Regulation –  Ability to remain calm, focused, and engaged/Impulse control
  • Self–Awareness – Self–concept, Self–esteem, Awareness of self in relation to others

CLICK HERE to view the 2014 Social Skills Groups flyer
CLICK HERE to download the Registration Forms

To apply, please complete application form and submit by May 19th mail, fax or email to:

Dr. Gaby Toloza
40 Aulike Street, Suite 411
Kailua, Hawaii 96734
Phone: (808) 348-5056
Fax: (888) 482-4119